Mary Meyer Vintage

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  • Animal Hats

    Animal Hats

    These Animal hats were quite popular in the mid 1980s. The bear hat was the original design and made in different colors. In addition to the Bear hats we also made Fox, Raccoon, Tiger and other animals.  The Bear head was made of acrylic toy plush with lock-in realistic eyes and Black plastic locked-in nose.

    Original Retail Price $9.98

  • Basset Hound- #142

    Basset Hound- #142

    The Basset Hound was a very popular design. It was introduced in the mid 1960. It was made of Cocoa & White plush and stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam, with a Red satin neck ribbon. The Black & White felt eyes were cemented on.

    Original Retail Price $3.49

  • Begging Pup

    Begging Pup

    SKU: 140
    Size: 6.5″
    Year: 1960’s
    Original Retail Price: $1.25

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Flip Dog – Tan- #443

    Flip Dog – Tan- #443

    MM Vin 443 Flip Dog Tan 1950The Flip Dog was one of Mary Meyer’s earliest creations. It was originally a Tan plush lying Dog with dark Brown ears. The plush was manufactured by Baxter, Kelly & Faust in their mill in Philadelphia. It was stuffed my shredded foam rubber in the mid 1950 and in the 1960 the stuffed became shredded polyurethane –a synthetic foam, which washed better and was lighter in weight.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Large Soft Bunny

    Large Soft Bunny

    The large Soft Bunny was made of fairly long pile Pink, Blue or Tan plush with with White plush ear linings , felt eyes, nose and tongue and a satin bow.  We also made a larger size #851 – 24” high Retail for $6.98 in the same Pink, Blue and Tan colors.  The plush was not as long as a “shaggy” plush but was longer than the standard toy plush.  This design was made for 3 to 4 years in the mid 1960s.

    Original Retail Price $3.98

  • Lying Dog with Brown Check Trim

    Lying Dog with Brown Check Trim

    This Lying Dog is made of White acrylic plush body and head with Brown-Tan-White check high quality Fur Coat fabric cheeks, ears and tail. The eyes and mouth are felt and the nose is a Black pompon with a Red satin neck ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $9.98

  • Lying Pup

    Lying Pup

    MM Vin 102 Lying Pup Small - Very early 1950Solid color body & head with contrasting Ears, Felt eyes with Small Square centers, Satin bow. Very inexpensive stuffed Dog. Designed by Mary Meyer herself in early 1950s.  Popular design. Sold for about 15 years.
    Colors: Tan with Brown ears, White with Brown ears.

    Original Retail Price $1.25

  • Musical Sitting Dog

    Musical Sitting Dog

    The Musical Tan Sitting Dog  is made with Tan extra long plush with Brown Ears and Tail plus an open mouth lined with Red felt and a Pink felt tongue.  He is also decorated w3ith a Black pompom on the end of his nose, an “I’m A Musical Tag” and felt eyes and a Red satin bow around it’s neck.

    Original Retail Price $3.98

  • Musical Teddy Bear –

    Musical Teddy Bear –

    This was a very early Mary Meyer teddy bear design. The #124 was a softly stuffed bear and the #924 was the same bear with a Swiss wind-up Music Box probably playing “Teddy Bears Picnic.  The bear was made in Cocoa and Tan with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a Red satin neck ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $1.69

  • Sitting Lion – Large

    Sitting Lion – Large

    Large Sitting Lion with a Tan head, body and tail, with a Brown shaggy mane and Tail-tip, with a White plush muzzle, White ear linings, 3 layered Black + White felt eyes, Black pompom nose and Pink felt tongue and a Red satin neck-ribbon.  This was a handsome Lion and sold very well.

    Original Retail Price $9.98

  • Small Bear

    Small Bear

    Small Teddy Bear – 7″ high – Colors – Cocoa, Tan – Retail $1.25 – Made in 1950’s – Note the small White felt squares eye centers – Chopped Foam Rubber stuffing.

    Original Retail Price $1.25