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Sitting Baby Doll

Sitting Baby Doll

The #100 Baby Doll was an early Mary Meyer creation in 1949 or very early 1950’s.  It was featured in the first printed Black and White wholesale catalog that the company printed in the early 1950’s.

Product Information

The doll was made in Pink, Blue and Yellow with a attractive buckram formed face. The face was styled after the Italian Lenci dolls. The details on the face, such as the eyes, eye-brows and mouth were hand painted. The doll had yarn hair, both Yellow and Brown and a White satin neck-ribbon.
The plush fabric was made by Baxter, Kelly & Faust in Philadelphia, PA. In the first years the doll was stuffed with garneted cotton. In the mid 1950’s the stuffing was changed to shredded foam rubber and in the 1960 the stuffing used was shredded polyurethane, which was lighter weight and a better stuffing material.
Each Mary Meyer toy since the 1950’s has a sewn in tag, which is sewn into a seam. In the photo above the right doll has a tag sewn into the seam on the side of her leg. You can read the Mary on the tag. It is a White satin tag with Green ink and states “ Mary Meyer Mfg. Co. Townshend, Vt”.
This doll was in the Mary Meyer line for many years. In later years a washable plastic face was used in place of the press formed buckram face. Also, about 1970 the Green ink was replaced by Blue ink.