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  • Animal Hats

    Animal Hats

    These Animal hats were quite popular in the mid 1980s. The bear hat was the original design and made in different colors. In addition to the Bear hats we also made Fox, Raccoon, Tiger and other animals.  The Bear head was made of acrylic toy plush with lock-in realistic eyes and Black plastic locked-in nose.

    Original Retail Price $9.98

  • Baby Bunny

    Baby Bunny

    This is the small bunny Mary Meyer made for the Easter season and it was a top seller for many years because it was inexpensive. It was Mary Meyer quality so it was very well made even though it was not expensive.

    Original Retail Price $1.49

  • Basset Hound- #142

    Basset Hound- #142

    The Basset Hound was a very popular design. It was introduced in the mid 1960. It was made of Cocoa & White plush and stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam, with a Red satin neck ribbon. The Black & White felt eyes were cemented on.

    Original Retail Price $3.49

  • Begging Pup

    Begging Pup

    SKU: 140
    Size: 6.5″
    Year: 1960’s
    Original Retail Price: $1.25

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Dancing Bunny

    Dancing Bunny

    Dancing Bunny was a stuffed rabbit made of ½” long pile plush in Honey or Rose color with White head centerpiece and White ear linings, felt eyes and nose and a satin neck ribbon. Inside the toy was wind-up mechanism that made the toy vibrate and dance. Made in very late 1960s and early 1970s.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Dressed Girl Bunny

    Dressed Girl Bunny

    Head, ears, arms and feet are made of White plush with the body, legs, skirt and ear linings made of brightly colored cotton fabric, with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a satin neck ribbon.  There is also #893 matching Boy Bunny. In 1971-1974 Easter lines.

    Original Retail Price $3.50

  • Huggers


    The Cat and Dog pair hugging each other was a design made by every stuffed toy maker. This size wa 10″ high and was a Grey plush Cat with Hot Pink ear linings and felt eyes, nose and tongue hugging a White Dog with Black ears and tail with felt eyes and mouth with a Black pompon nose. Each toy was decorated with a satin neck ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Lover Cat & Dog

    Lover Cat & Dog

    The Cat & Dog Lovers were a very popular design made by many stuffed toy manufacturers in the 1970’s and they were done with a variety of different animals.  Mary Meyer did it with Cat & Dog and also two rabbits for the Easter season.

    Original Retail Price $7.50

  • Lying Cat – Small

    Lying Cat – Small

    This Small Lying Cat was a very early Mary Meyer design created by Mary Meyer herself in the early 1950s.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Lying Dalmation Dog

    Lying Dalmation Dog

    This Lying Dalmatian Dog was popular for many years and made in many sizes.

    Original Retail Price $3.98

  • Lying Dog with Brown Check Trim

    Lying Dog with Brown Check Trim

    This Lying Dog is made of White acrylic plush body and head with Brown-Tan-White check high quality Fur Coat fabric cheeks, ears and tail. The eyes and mouth are felt and the nose is a Black pompon with a Red satin neck ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $9.98

  • Lying Pup

    Lying Pup

    MM Vin 102 Lying Pup Small - Very early 1950Solid color body & head with contrasting Ears, Felt eyes with Small Square centers, Satin bow. Very inexpensive stuffed Dog. Designed by Mary Meyer herself in early 1950s.  Popular design. Sold for about 15 years.
    Colors: Tan with Brown ears, White with Brown ears.

    Original Retail Price $1.25

  • Musical Bear with Moving Head

    Musical Bear with Moving Head

    This Musical Bear was made in Cocoa, Pink and Aqua Blue with a White chest, a Musical Mechanism that played music and moved it

    Original Retail Price $3.98

  • Musical Clown Head

    Musical Clown Head

    The Musical Clown Head was a very popular musical toy for babies that could be hung on a crib or playpen to entertain a youngster. The Musical Clown Head was made with White plush for the head, Yellow plush for the pointed hat and a Brown fringe to separate the two.  It was a simple design – a round White plush head with a wind-up musical mechanism.  The key was in the back of the head. We used Swiss musical mechanism for many years.  The eyes, eyebrows and mouth were felt with a Red pompon nose and an elastic to suspend the toy.  On the elastic was a printed ribbon saying “I’m A Musical”.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Musical Clown Head

    Musical Clown Head

    This Musical Clown Head was made in Pink, Blue and Yellow with White plush face, felt eyes and mouth and a pompon nose, a piece of Yellow fringe at the hair-line, with a bow and an

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Musical Sleepy Doll

    Musical Sleepy Doll

    This Sleepy Doll was a very popular design made in Pink, Blue and Yellow with White hands. The doll was a large doll 16” long with a plastic face. Mary Meyer made it both with a sleepy face and a face with the eyes open. It had a wind-up music box. The doll had yarn for hair, an “I’m A Musical” ribbon and a satin neck-ribbon. This was a very popular design and you will find the same design was copied by other manufacturers.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Musical Snapper Dog

    Musical Snapper Dog

    White Dog is made of White plush head and body with Black ears and tail with a Swiss Musical mechanism with  a key to wind-up.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Musical Snowman

    Musical Snowman

    Musical Snowman on turntable – (Rotating Base) with Swiss Musical Mechanism – turn the base and wind the musical mechanism.  Felt eyes, tongue + pompon nose + Red felt hat + “I’m A Musical” tag

    Original Retail Price $3.98

  • Nighty Bunny

    Nighty Bunny

    SKU: 866
    SIZE: 20″
    YEAR: 1970’s

    Original Retail Price $4.98

  • Pajama Cat

    Pajama Cat

    Originally made in Grey plush with Pink ear linings and in the late 1950’s was made in White with Black tiger stripes.  With a zippered pouch underneath for a child’s PJs.

    Original Retail Price $3.60

  • Panda Bear – Large

    Panda Bear – Large

    This Panda Bear was made of Black and White Rayon plush made by Baxter, Kelly & Faust in their Philadelphia, Pa mill and was stuffed with shredded foam rubber, with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a Red satin neck ribbon. Panda Bears were popular designs and this was one of the larger versions.

    Original Retail Price $6.98

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