Mary Meyer Vintage

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  • Musical Roll-Over Cat

    Musical Roll-Over Cat

    The Roll-Over Musical Cat was a novel design we did in the early 1960’s. It was made in Pink and Blue plush and was 7” long with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a satin neck-ribbon with a Wind-up musical mechanism. There was also a Roll-Over Musical Dog – #932 – Retail $3.50.

    Original Retail Price $3.50

  • Musical Sitting Dog

    Musical Sitting Dog

    The Musical Tan Sitting Dog  is made with Tan extra long plush with Brown Ears and Tail plus an open mouth lined with Red felt and a Pink felt tongue.  He is also decorated w3ith a Black pompom on the end of his nose, an “I’m A Musical Tag” and felt eyes and a Red satin bow around it’s neck.

    Original Retail Price $3.98

  • Musical Sleepy Doll

    Musical Sleepy Doll

    This Sleepy Doll was a very popular design made in Pink, Blue and Yellow with White hands. The doll was a large doll 16” long with a plastic face. Mary Meyer made it both with a sleepy face and a face with the eyes open. It had a wind-up music box. The doll had yarn for hair, an “I’m A Musical” ribbon and a satin neck-ribbon. This was a very popular design and you will find the same design was copied by other manufacturers.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Musical Snapper Dog

    Musical Snapper Dog

    White Dog is made of White plush head and body with Black ears and tail with a Swiss Musical mechanism with  a key to wind-up.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Musical Snowman

    Musical Snowman

    Musical Snowman on turntable – (Rotating Base) with Swiss Musical Mechanism – turn the base and wind the musical mechanism.  Felt eyes, tongue + pompon nose + Red felt hat + “I’m A Musical” tag

    Original Retail Price $3.98

  • Musical Teddy Bear –

    Musical Teddy Bear –

    This was a very early Mary Meyer teddy bear design. The #124 was a softly stuffed bear and the #924 was the same bear with a Swiss wind-up Music Box probably playing “Teddy Bears Picnic.  The bear was made in Cocoa and Tan with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a Red satin neck ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $1.69

  • Musical Turtle with Moving Head

    Musical Turtle with Moving Head

    The Musical Turtle was made in Ice Blue (see photo) and also Lime Green with Yellow felt hat, felt eyes, nose and mouth with a satin neck ribbon and

    Original Retail Price $3.98

  • Musical Wiggly Doll

    Musical Wiggly Doll

    The Musical Wiggly Doll is a Pink, Blue or Yellow Musical Doll – 10” high or long with a plastic face, Yellow or Brown yarn hair, a satin neck ribbon and an “I’m A Musical” ribbon. This was a very popular design and copied by many manufacturers. So you will find the same basic Musical Wiggling Doll with different manufacturer’s names on them.

    Original Retail Price $3.50

  • Nighty Bunny

    Nighty Bunny

    SKU: 866
    SIZE: 20″
    YEAR: 1970’s

    Original Retail Price $4.98

  • Pajama Cat

    Pajama Cat

    Originally made in Grey plush with Pink ear linings and in the late 1950’s was made in White with Black tiger stripes.  With a zippered pouch underneath for a child’s PJs.

    Original Retail Price $3.60

  • Pajama Hound

    Pajama Hound

    Pajama Hound – late 1950’s – Cocoa head + body + Honey ears, muzzle, tail.  Zipper pouch underneath for PJs – part of Pajama Pooch, PJ Cat + PJ Hound series.  PJ Pooch was introduced in 1950 or 1951

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Pajama Pooch Dog

    Pajama Pooch Dog

    Pajama Pooch Dog – Early 1950’s – This is one of Mary Meyer’s early successes.  From this PJ Pooch grew a PJ Series of PJ Hound + PJ Cat.  Underneath was a zippered pouch for a child’s PJ’s.  Made is Spot with Black ears + tail, and a White Dog with Brown ears + tail.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Panda Bear – Large

    Panda Bear – Large

    This Panda Bear was made of Black and White Rayon plush made by Baxter, Kelly & Faust in their Philadelphia, Pa mill and was stuffed with shredded foam rubber, with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a Red satin neck ribbon. Panda Bears were popular designs and this was one of the larger versions.

    Original Retail Price $6.98

  • Pretty Girl Bunny

    Pretty Girl Bunny

    This colorful bunny was sold by Mary Meyer from the late 1960’s through the 1970’s. The head, arms, feet and ears are White plush and the body, legs, ear linings and dress are made of brightly colored cotton fabric.  The eyes are Black and White felt, with a Black felt nose and a satin bow around her neck.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Purple Sitting Cow

    Purple Sitting Cow

    The Purple Cow was a very popular design.  It was first introduced in this large size in 1970 and was immediately a best seller.  The body and head were Purple acrylic plush and the under-jaw, underbody and ear linings were White plush and the top of its head and the tip of it’s tail were 2” long White shaggy plush.  The eyes, nose and tongue were felt and it had a Pink satin neck ribbon.  The Purple Cow had White felt horns, felt eyes, nose, tongue and Black felt hoofs plus a Lavender satin neck ribbon.  The Purple Cow was 18” high and Retailed for $5.98 in the 1960’s. This Cow was very popular and was made by Mary Meyer for a number of years.

    Original Retail Price $5.98

  • Rag Doll

    Rag Doll

    My Mother- Mary Meyer designed this doll about 1950 and it was a lady’s bedroom decoration, rather than a  toy to play with.  A second version had a wind-up Swiss musical mechanism with the key in the back of the doll which played Brahms Lullabye.

    Original Retail Price $6.98

  • Rooster


    Standing Honey Yellow plush Rooster with Red felt comb and tail and Orange felt beak and felt eyes and satin neck ribbon.  In 1971 Easter line.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Rooster – Large

    Rooster – Large

    This attractive Rooster was made of Yellow plush with Red felt wings, tail, beak and comb on the top of his head and felt eyes.

    Original Retail Price $4.98

  • Shaggy Sitting White Cat

    Shaggy Sitting White Cat

    27″ high made of Shaggy Acrylic White plush with Pink felt ear linings, felt eyes, nose and mouth and a Blue sating neck ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Shaggy White Cat

    Shaggy White Cat

    This White Shaggy Cat is 27″ high and is also again a possible display piece.  The photo came from Mary Meyer’s 1974 Everyday catalog and was made with White Shaggy acrylic toy plush.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Sitting Baby Doll

    Sitting Baby Doll

    The #100 Baby Doll was an early Mary Meyer creation in 1949 or very early 1950’s.  It was featured in the first printed Black and White wholesale catalog that the company printed in the early 1950’s.

    Original Retail Price $1.98