Mary Meyer Vintage

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  • Begging Pup – #140

    Begging Pup – #140

    Begging Pup was designed as a small, inexpensive stuffed toy.  It had a Tan plush body with Cocoa ears, stuffed with chopped (small pieces) foam rubber and in later designs in many plush colors in the 1960’s. It was stuffed with chopped polyurethane – a lighter weight, more washable foam rubber.

    Original Retail Price $1.25

  • Pajama Pooch Dog

    Pajama Pooch Dog

    Pajama Pooch Dog – Early 1950’s – This is one of Mary Meyer’s early successes.  From this PJ Pooch grew a PJ Series of PJ Hound + PJ Cat.  Underneath was a zippered pouch for a child’s PJ’s.  Made is Spot with Black ears + tail, and a White Dog with Brown ears + tail.

    Original Retail Price $0.00