Mary Meyer Vintage

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  • Cuddle Elephant – #424

    Cuddle Elephant – #424

    The Cuddle Elephant was a popular design made in the Blue plush with colorful ear linings and a Honey colored chest. It was also made in Grey plush with Pink chest and ear linings, with felt eyes and mouth or tongue and a satin neck ribbon.
    Size – 12″ high.

    Original Retail Price $5.99

  • Dangle Cat – #165

    Dangle Cat – #165

    • This stuffed toy Grey Cat was designed by Mary Meyer herself and is part of a series she made in the very early 1950s. There was a #164 – Bear, #163 – Elephant,  #164 – Bear, #165 – Cat & #166 – Dog.  These 4 designs were also made in a very successful musical version – #963, #964, #965 & #966.

    Original Retail Price $1.69

  • Dressed Mouse – #376 – 19″ high

    Dressed Mouse – #376 – 19″ high

    The Grey Mouse with Pink felt vest and felt hat was a popular design.  Made with Grey head, body and ears with White plush ear linings, White muzzle and White underbody. The eyes are Balck and White felt circles, the nose a Black pompom and the mouth was made of Red felt.  The vest was Pink felt and so was the hat with a White felt pompom ion the hat for decoration.

    Original Retail Price $6.98

  • Grey Squirrel – #147

    Grey Squirrel – #147

    In 1950 Mary Meyer designed a lying Grey Squirrel (#123) for her line of toys.  Sitting Grey Squirrel was added in late 1950s or early 1960 to take the place of the original Squirrel. #147 Grey Squirrel which was a comical Squirrel was added. We also added a Black/White Skunk that was similar in design to the new Squirrel.  Both Squirrel & Skunk were only average sellers.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Huggers


    The Cat and Dog pair hugging each other was a design made by every stuffed toy maker. This size wa 10″ high and was a Grey plush Cat with Hot Pink ear linings and felt eyes, nose and tongue hugging a White Dog with Black ears and tail with felt eyes and mouth with a Black pompon nose. Each toy was decorated with a satin neck ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Lover Cat & Dog

    Lover Cat & Dog

    The Cat & Dog Lovers were a very popular design made by many stuffed toy manufacturers in the 1970’s and they were done with a variety of different animals.  Mary Meyer did it with Cat & Dog and also two rabbits for the Easter season.

    Original Retail Price $7.50

  • Musical Elephant with Moving Trunk

    Musical Elephant with Moving Trunk

    The #980 Musical Elephant with moving trunk was a very popular Mary Meyer design for many years.  It was made of Grey rayon plush manufactured by Baxter, Kelly & Faust, Inc. in Philadelphia, PA in the 1960’s.

    Original Retail Price $4.48

  • Musical Elephant with Moving Trunk

    Musical Elephant with Moving Trunk

    The #990 Musical Elephant with Moving Trunk is an 8

    Original Retail Price $3.50

  • Sitting Mouse with Vest & Hat

    Sitting Mouse with Vest & Hat

    Grey Sitting Mouse was an attractive toy with Grey acrylic plush head, body and legs with a White plush snout, ear linings and chest.  It had felt eyes and mouth and a Black pompon nose plus a Pink felt vest and hat and a Pink satin neck ribbon.  This Mouse design was made in 1973 through 1978.

    Original Retail Price $5.98

  • Standing Grey Cat

    Standing Grey Cat

    Standing Cat – This was a very early Mary Meyer design.  Mary Meyer herself designed that Standing Cat – it was made in Grey and White -about 8″ high – Made of rayon plush from Baxter, Kelly & Faust in Philadelphia, Pa – stuffed with cotton in the early days and later with chopped foam rubber.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Standing Poodle

    Standing Poodle

    Poodles are a very popular design and almost every stuffed toy manufacturer had a Poodle in their line. At Mary Meyer we made Poodles in Grey, White and Black.

    Original Retail Price $3.98