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  • Animal Hats

    Animal Hats

    These Animal hats were quite popular in the mid 1980s. The bear hat was the original design and made in different colors. In addition to the Bear hats we also made Fox, Raccoon, Tiger and other animals.  The Bear head was made of acrylic toy plush with lock-in realistic eyes and Black plastic locked-in nose.

    Original Retail Price $9.98

  • Basset Hound- #142

    Basset Hound- #142

    The Basset Hound was a very popular design. It was introduced in the mid 1960. It was made of Cocoa & White plush and stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam, with a Red satin neck ribbon. The Black & White felt eyes were cemented on.

    Original Retail Price $3.49

  • Bear & Coveralls- #874

    Bear & Coveralls- #874

    This was a Brown plush bear with Honey colored ear linings, paws and feet stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam rubber and realistic Amber colored plastic locked-in eyes a felt nose and tongue dressed in a Red corduroy coverall with a zipper. It was part of the Mary Meyer line during 1979 to 1982

    Original Retail Price $15.00

  • Bear Hand Puppet- #202

    Bear Hand Puppet- #202

    This Teddy Bear hand puppet was made from 1960 to 1975. It was made with Brown plush body, head and ears with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a Red satin bow cemented on. In this style of hand puppet you used all 5 fingers – your longest finger in head, index & ring finger in arms and thumb & pinky in legs. This model was made in late 1960s.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Beaver – #822

    Beaver – #822

    The Beaver was a very popular stuffed toy we made for about 10 years in the mid 1970. He was 10″ high and made of a high quality light Brown plush and also made in a smaller size about 4″ to 5″ high. Both sizes were very popular.

    Original Retail Price $7.50

  • Bronze Luxy Bear – #805

    Bronze Luxy Bear – #805

    The Bronze Luxy Bears were a series of large luxurious Teddy Bears made with very high quality plush fabric similar to the fabric used for women fur coats. It was an expensive fabric and it made beautiful, expensive bears.

    Original Retail Price $32.98

  • Caesar Horse – Lrg- #599

    Caesar Horse – Lrg- #599

    This large Brown standing horse had a dark Brown head and body and a White head center-pieces, ear linings and a White chest with White shaggy (very long pile plush) mane, tail and lower legs made in early 1980s.

    Original Retail Price $25.00

  • Cat & Dog Lover- Lrg #664

    Cat & Dog Lover- Lrg #664

    This is the large size Lovers – 18″ high. There were many different designs of Lovers or Huggers made by stuffed toy manufacturers during the 1970s and 1980s including Cat & Dog, Monkeys, Rabbits and more.  Huggers were a great concept and used by many manufacturers.

    Original Retail Price $14.98

  • Cuddle Bunny – Large

    Cuddle Bunny – Large

    Large cuddle bunny with White plush head, ears, arms and feet with Blue chest, legs and ear linings plus felt eyes, nose and mouth and a satin neck-ribbon. 32

    Original Retail Price $7.98

  • Dangle Bear – #164

    Dangle Bear – #164

    The Dangle Bear was designed by Mary Meyer herself in the very early 1950s and made into the mid 1960s. It was an 8½” high bear stuffed with shredded foam rubber, with felt eyes, nose & tongue, with an elastic loop to attach toy to a crib, and a satin neck ribbon. This bear was also made with a wind-up musical movement that plays children’s tunes.


    Original Retail Price $1.69

  • Dangle Cat – #165

    Dangle Cat – #165

    • This stuffed toy Grey Cat was designed by Mary Meyer herself and is part of a series she made in the very early 1950s. There was a #164 – Bear, #163 – Elephant,  #164 – Bear, #165 – Cat & #166 – Dog.  These 4 designs were also made in a very successful musical version – #963, #964, #965 & #966.

    Original Retail Price $1.69

  • Dobbs Lying Brown Horse

    Dobbs Lying Brown Horse

    This lying horse was made in a light color Brown plush with a White shaggy mane and tail and White plush ear linings and Black plush hoofs, stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam rubber, with Amber colored realistic plastic locked-in eyes and felt nose.

    Original Retail Price $13.00

  • Dressed Boy Bunny

    Dressed Boy Bunny

    Head, ears, arms and feet are made of White plush with the body, legs, and ear linings made of brightly colored cotton fabric, with felt vest, hat, eyes, nose and tongue and a satin neck ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Duck – Small

    Duck – Small

    This Duck was designed and made in the early 1960s. It was small and designed to be an inexpensive toy. It was made both Musical and non-musical. The toy was made of rayon plush with a felt hat with a pompon on the top of the hat.  It was only manufactured for 2 to 3 years. It was not a popular design.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Elephant Hand Puppet – #258

    Elephant Hand Puppet – #258

    This Elephant was part of a group of Mary Meyer Hand Puppets. We started making them in the late 1950s and included them in the Mary Meyer assortment of toys for 20 years. They were made of Rayon plush with felt eyes, nose and mouth with a satin bow cemented on the neck. The original styled number was #263 in 1961.

    Original Retail Price $2.50

  • Ellie Elephant

    Ellie Elephant

    Ellie Elephant was made with a Dusty Grey plush with Pink ear linings and feet, stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam rubber and with felt eyes and Red felt tongue. She was dressed in a Pink check gingham dress with White lace boarder and a White satin bow.

    Original Retail Price $16.98

  • Fluffo Bear – Medium –

    Fluffo Bear – Medium –

    This Teddy Bear used basic Mary Meyer Teddy Bear patterns and was made in medium length pile, stuffed with shredded foam rubber and felt eyes, nose & tongue and a satin neck ribbon.  It was made in a few sizes and made in ear5ly 1960s.

    Original Retail Price $2.49

  • Fluffo Tipped Bears

    Fluffo Tipped Bears

    Made of a Honey colored Brown Tipped medium length plush stuffed with shredded foam rubber and felt eyes and tongue and a Black pompon nose and a satin bow. This design was made for only 1 or 2 years.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Happy Lying Dog – #383

    Happy Lying Dog – #383

    Happy Lying Dog – in very late 1960s replaced the Flip Dog – #443 which was designed in 1950. This Lying Dog was 10″ long, made in bright colors – Blue, Yellow & Pink with contrasting White ears & tail, with felt eyes, Red felt mouth and Black pompon nose and satin ribbon.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Humpty Dumpty with Chime

    Humpty Dumpty with Chime

    Humpty Dumpty is a very popular design and was offered in Pink, Blue and Yellow.

    Original Retail Price $11.98

  • Kangaroo


    The Kangaroo was a very popular design we made in the mid-1970

    Original Retail Price $13.98

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