Mary Meyer Vintage

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  • Autograph Dog

    Autograph Dog

    The Autograph Dog has been around a long time. In the Mary Meyer 1975 catalog it’s on the back cover shown in Yellow with White ears and White underbody.  Each toy had an inexpensive ballpoint pen attached to a loop on the top of its back. The idea being that your friends would autograph your dog and you would keep it as a souvenir of a special event, such as high school graduation or the spring prom.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Baby Bunny

    Baby Bunny

    This Bunny was first created in the early 1950’s. It was made in Pink, Blue and Yellow with White plush ear linings of Rayon plush made by Baxter, Kelly & Faust in the Philadelphia, Pa mill. This was a very popular design, because it was our least expensive bunny and retails for $1.25 each in the 1950’ and 1960’s.

    Original Retail Price $1.25

  • Begging Bunny

    Begging Bunny

    This colorful bunny had colorful chest & ear linings made of brightly colored printed fabric. With Black & White felt eves and a bright satin neck ribbon. He was stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam and made in mid 1970s.

    Original Retail Price $2.50

  • Giant Standing Giraffe

    Giant Standing Giraffe

    Giraffes were very popular designs Mary Meyer made in the late 1960s until 1982. Made of printed Rayon plush and stuffed with a cotton & cellulose mixture of toy stuffing materials. They had felt eyes, nose and tongue and a shiny Yellow satin bow. The giraffes were – #808  – 27″ and #811 – 37″ high.

    Original Retail Price $10.98

  • Large Lamb

    Large Lamb

    This design created by Mary Meyer herself in the very late 1940s was slightly larger than #118 which was 6” high and Retailed for $1.69 in the late 1940s and early 1950s.  #188 was made in White and in the mid 1950s a Black version was added.  The larger Lamber – #122 also was made of White plush made by Baxter, Kelly & Faust in their Philadelphia, pa. mill. In the late 1940s and early 1950s it was stuffed by hand with garneted cotton. I can remember 4 women sitting around (on all 4 sides) of a box of stuffing pushing wads of cotton into the opening of a toy.  The felt eyes, nose and tongue were then sewn onto the toy at the proper places on their faces. In the mid 1950s sewing was replaced by cementing the facial decorations onto the toy and finally a Red satin ribbon was attached.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Large Standing Giraffe

    Large Standing Giraffe

    These two Giraffes were very popular designs Mary Meyer made in the late 1960s and

    early 1970s. Made of printed Rayon plush and stuffed wish a cotton – cellulose mixture

    of toy stuffing materials. They had felt eyes, nose and tongue and a shiny Yellow satin


    Original Retail Price $7.98

  • Musical Baby Duck

    Musical Baby Duck

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Musical Begging Bunny

    Musical Begging Bunny

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Musical Easter Chick

    Musical Easter Chick

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Musical Schnauser

    Musical Schnauser

    Sitting Musical Schnauser is 10” high made of Grey plush with shaggy muzzle, eye-brows & tail, with amber plastic eyes, Black pompon nose, Red felt tongue, Red satin neck ribbon and an “I’m A Musical” tag. The Schnauser has a key wound mechanism that plays a children’s song. Made in 1978-79.

    Original Retail Price $5.98

  • Pretty Cuddle Bunny

    Pretty Cuddle Bunny

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Sitting Dog

    Sitting Dog

    This Sitting Dog was make of Cocoa rayon plush with White ears, muzzle and tail plus

    Blue, White and Black felt eyes and Red tongue and a Black felt pompon nose and a

    shiny Blight Blue satin neck-ribbon.

    This was a very popular design in the early 1960s.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Sitting Fox

    Sitting Fox

    This Sitting Fox was the smallest of this series. I designed it in 1959 and it was made

    originally in Red plush from Baxter, Kelly & Faust in their Philadelphia, Pa. mill. It had a

    White plush nose and ear-linings, was stuffed with shredded foam rubber and had felt

    eyes and tongue and a Black pompon nose with satin neck-ribbon.

    It was later made in an Apricot colored plush with a Red satin ribbon as shown here.

    This Fox was one of my favorite designs and was made in a number of sizes including

    10”, 12” and 21” high Foxes.

    In 1969 or 1970 we made a 6” version of this sitting Fox for Russell Stover Candies for

    a Valentine product. We made 15,000 of these small Sitting Foxes.

    Original Retail Price $1.98