Mary Meyer Vintage

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  • Bear Hand Puppet- #202

    Bear Hand Puppet- #202

    This Teddy Bear hand puppet was made from 1960 to 1975. It was made with Brown plush body, head and ears with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a Red satin bow cemented on. In this style of hand puppet you used all 5 fingers – your longest finger in head, index & ring finger in arms and thumb & pinky in legs. This model was made in late 1960s.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Mohair Bears

    Mohair Bears

    During the very late 1950 and early 1960’s we manufactured a variety of Old Fashioned Teddy Bears made of mohair. In those days mohair bears were not the ultimate, top quality that they have become today.

      We made four sizes Old Fashioned Teddy Bears:

    • #564 – 8” – Small OFTB Bear
    • #570 – 12” – OFTB Bear
    • #540 – 16” – Medium OFTB Bear
    • #542 – 18” – Large OFTB Bear

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Musical ABC Block

    Musical ABC Block

    The Musical Blocks – A-B-C Musical Block and 1-2-3 Musical Block were all the same size and made in Pink and Blue plush with White plush. They were only made with a musical wind-up mechanism.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Musical Roll-Over Cat

    Musical Roll-Over Cat

    The Roll-Over Musical Cat was a novel design we did in the early 1960’s. It was made in Pink and Blue plush and was 7” long with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a satin neck-ribbon with a Wind-up musical mechanism. There was also a Roll-Over Musical Dog – #932 – Retail $3.50.

    Original Retail Price $3.50

  • Pretty Girl Bunny

    Pretty Girl Bunny

    This colorful bunny was sold by Mary Meyer from the late 1960’s through the 1970’s. The head, arms, feet and ears are White plush and the body, legs, ear linings and dress are made of brightly colored cotton fabric.  The eyes are Black and White felt, with a Black felt nose and a satin bow around her neck.

    Original Retail Price $2.98

  • Sitting Baby Doll

    Sitting Baby Doll

    The #100 Baby Doll was an early Mary Meyer creation in 1949 or very early 1950’s.  It was featured in the first printed Black and White wholesale catalog that the company printed in the early 1950’s.

    Original Retail Price $1.98

  • Sitting Shaggy Psychodelic Dog

    Sitting Shaggy Psychodelic Dog

    This shaggy Dog is made from a brightly colored checkerboard pattern with White shaggy ears and tail and was about 18” high. This was a very popular shaggy plush fabric in the late 1960’s. It was 4 colors – Blue, Lime, Red and Yellow. The under-body was regular White plush.

    Original Retail Price $0.00

  • Standing Lamb

    Standing Lamb

    The Lamb was one of the first plush toys Mary Meyer made in 1950.  The whole Lamb was made of white plush.

    Original Retail Price $1.69