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Musical Roll-Over Cat

Musical Roll-Over Cat

The Roll-Over Musical Cat was a novel design we did in the early 1960’s. It was made in Pink and Blue plush and was 7” long with felt eyes, nose and tongue and a satin neck-ribbon with a Wind-up musical mechanism. There was also a Roll-Over Musical Dog - #932 – Retail $3.50.

Product Information

What made it unusual was the key had a 5” rod attached to the key, which was part of the tail. First you wind-up the musical mechanism, so it will play a tune. As the musical mechanism played, the mechanism up-wound and the key turned the long rod inside the tail. As the tail/key turned it flipped the Cat over. As the mechanism unwound the Cat continued to turn over and over and over, until it was totally unwound.
Then you do it over again. Wind-up key/tail, let the music box play, tail unwinds and Cat turns over and over.