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Musical Clown Head

Musical Clown Head

The Musical Clown Head was a very popular musical toy for babies that could be hung on a crib or playpen to entertain a youngster. The Musical Clown Head was made with White plush for the head, Yellow plush for the pointed hat and a Brown fringe to separate the two.  It was a simple design - a round White plush head with a wind-up musical mechanism.  The key was in the back of the head. We used Swiss musical mechanism for many years.  The eyes, eyebrows and mouth were felt with a Red pompon nose and an elastic to suspend the toy.  On the elastic was a printed ribbon saying “I’m A Musical”.

Product Information

It had a Musical mechanism with a wind-up key felt eyes and mouth and a pompon nose on top of its hat, an elastic loop attached at the top of its head for hanging to a crib or playpen. This musical head was created in the late 1950’s and was part of a very popular and inexpensive series of musical heads including the Clown, Doggie, Sleepy and A-B-C and 1-2-3 musical blocks. These musicals retailed for $2.98 each.