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Autograph Dog

Autograph Dog

The Autograph Dog has been around a long time. In the Mary Meyer 1975 catalog it’s on the back cover shown in Yellow with White ears and White underbody.  Each toy had an inexpensive ballpoint pen attached to a loop on the top of its back. The idea being that your friends would autograph your dog and you would keep it as a souvenir of a special event, such as high school graduation or the spring prom.

Product Information

They were made of cotton or polyester fabric that would accept the ink in a pen so

that your friends could sign them. This was also made in a “Get Well” version sold

in hospital gift shops as gifts for a hospital patient to be signed by his visitors to the

hospital. A Graduation version was also popular, to be signed for the graduate as a


The most difficult part of manufacturing these autograph toys was the make them

smooth enough when stuffing the toy. It had to be stuffed firmly and smoothly. A

bumpy autograph dog is not acceptable.

The Autograph Dogs were made for a number of years.