This is an early catalog sheet from Mary Meyer. As you can see there are 11 different designs. As you can see from the Price List that accompanies the photo there are also 11 prices.

Looking back at these designs I believe #324 Lamb shown here became #118 Lamb in the 1950’s Mary Meyer line.

Also #320 Small Sitting Bear became #124 Bear and #331 Horse became our standard #T2 Terry Toy Horse and #321 Scotty was our #T1 Terry Toy Scotty. #330 Medium Lamb became our #122.

I remember the other stuffed toy designs, but I have not seen any of the other original designs again.

If you look very closely at the photo you can see the centers of the eyes are French Knots which were used in the toys produced in the late 1940’s. Also on the nose and mouths, especially #320 and 301, you can see they are sewn on to the toys along with the French Knots on the eyes.

The retail prices of the 6 inch high smaller toys was $1.49 each, the medium size, 8 inches high toys cost $1.69 and the two large toys – #440 + #301 – were $2.49 each.

This is the earliest Mary Meyer printed sheets showing their plush toy products. The #324 Lamb, which later became #118, was a standard Lamb design for many years as was the #331 Horse design.