As a young woman, Mary Lorang studied clothing design in New York City. When she was twenty-five, she married a salesman named Hans Meyer. Four years later in 1933 they decided to put their talents together. Mary and Hans began to design, manufacture, and sell tomato and animal pin cushions along with dolls. After several years they added stuffed toys.

While Mary was designing and overseeing a very small production staff, Hans was on the road selling. In the early 1940′s, they moved the company to the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. During those years Mary Meyer was expanding her assortment of stuffed animals well beyond the already popular teddy bear.

In the mid 1950′s Mary’s son Walter joined the company. Walter continues to be active in the company. Hans Meyer died in 1965.

In 1982 Walter’s son, Kevin, joined the company, eventually becoming president in 1986. Through the ensuing years, three of Kevin’s brothers would join the company in various capacities.

Mary was active in the management of her business until 1982, retiring at the age of 78. After her retirement, she continued to be involved with the company. Through her 80s and into her 90s, she spent many hours in the company factory store. She loved to visit with teddy bear collectors and sign their Mary Meyer collector bears. Mary Meyer died on January 19, 1999 at 94 years of age. Known as “Gram” to family, friends, townspeople, employees and colleagues worldwide, Mary brought a sense of gentleness and graciousness to the toy industry.

Fortunately, Mary’s influence lives on. You can see it in over 400 different stuffed toy designs we offer. Following Mary’s principles, we continually strive to design extraordinary products of outstanding quality, all the while keeping an eye on customer service and value.