Mary Meyer Vintage


I wonder how many Old Humpty Dumpty stuffed toys are out there. When I did the designing of Mary Meyer stuffed toys I had a wind-up musical version, a “Shake Me I Chime” version and a soft stuffed version. Why so many?  The first design was a soft, non-musical stuffed toy.  It was a popular design for girls and Continue Reading

There are millions of stuffed toys in closets and attics that people have saved during the past 30 to 50 years waiting to be rediscovered. I just received this photo of a Humpty Dumpty made by Mary Meyer in the early 1970s.  That’s over 40 years ago and it’s in mint condidtion  – like it just came out Continue Reading

                    This is an early catalog sheet from Mary Meyer. As you can see there are 11 different designs. As you can see from the Price List that accompanies the photo there are also 11 prices. Looking back at these designs I believe #324 Lamb shown Continue Reading